Friday, February 5, 2010

andre gide

Reading the Immoralist was a ride. I have a better understanding of how artists like Matisse play an important role in modernist literature. While I was reading the story, I couldn't help but see another discipline outside liberal arts that would easily welcome Gide's work: Psychiatry. The male character, Michel is a precise basket case, with more male-tenacity than one can believe. I didn't know males were capable of fluctuating, showing sensitivity to hot and cold in an useful way, loving and then not--the water faucet effect, and other emotions that are usually associated with women. I loved him!! In fact the majority of my classmates did; there were a few who hated him for his contradicting nature and other unreliable behavioral stuff--probably his most notable cutting characteristic...his lies and deception where Marceline (his wife) is concerned. I wondered under my breath how much the few who dislike Michel might have to do with current recent current numerous events of male infidelity....? I dared not put my classmates on the spot in asking that question. Despite his selfishness, Michel does try....what do I mean by'll have to read it for yourself if you haven't already.

photo taken by Gera in Oklahoma 10Jan.


ArtSparker said...

Haven't Gide, but having recently had quite the ride with a male person with extreme emotions which he venerated as some sort of personal religion, fiction is where THOSE PEOPLE belong.

Do I feel better for venting? Eh, time will tell.

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