Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dostoevsky / the Underground Man asks...

"...what's better---cheap happiness or lofty suffering?"

I'll leave this post for a while, curious to see what you feel.

Me: I'm still thinking about it myself, though most of my life seems to fit with the former. i find there are more events in my life to be sad about, to suffer in than there are rosy-purplish ones - but honestly, i still can't figure out how in the hell i wake up every day not necessarily cheery, but certainly accepting and full of appreciation (happy in the greatest of minute)...i've somehow managed to place the sad stuff (and it's heavy duty sad stuff yal) right at my side - i don't think i can exist without, after writing that...i'm wondering if i'm not somewhere 'in' between Dostoevsky's musing, or does between not count?

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ArtSparker said...

Lofty suffering is Enneagram Type 4 stuff. Very familiar from personal experience, it makes better art than self-indulgence. The phrase "Situation desperate but not serious" comes to mind.

Almost famous said...

Dostoevsky is great writer!!!