Friday, July 31, 2009

officially a maestra


well...i'm sort of back. i'm surviving Critical Theory - Psychoanalysis of Film, but damn it requires a lot of thinking... i know...that's the point. i'm doing pretty well though and enjoying it more than anything.

anyhoo, i finally signed all the necessary paperwork and received my first books from which to teach: Fall 2009 and Spring 2010. i hired another person to run our college Writing Center so i will only focus on tutoring (i've never been one to 'run' stuff or be administrative-like, i'm not good at bossing or overseeing others and frankly, i never have been; that mold is not part of my genetic make up) so i'm happy to have someone take the ball.

it's weird being able to call myself a college level 'teacher' now - literally. starting at the developmental writing level, the English courses will be my first course ...listed in the college course book, a class room setting, ...with more than one student at a time, and ...i'm require to grade. most of the students i currently tutor are so excited about this and really, it's their fault (in a good sense), i'm taking this teaching route.

other stuff:

Texas weather is so insanely dominant right now. very very warm and rainy for days. lots and lots of humidity. in fact, right now, the sky has darkened, the wind has picked up tremendously, and thunder is booming overhead and in the distance - quite lovely actually - i love the drama, most don't. we've spent interim periods planting new grass, st. augustine, with the hope it smothers out the bermuda. we like bermuda, but it's so thin and doesn't have that plush feel. the advantage is, however, bermuda doesn't require as much water as st. augustine. my rose moss is gorgeous, peppers too, ...wandering jew is full and begging for a new pot. the succulents are just way too easy - almost nothing to do - love these and they come back every year. the mint has thinned out, but it, too, is difficult to destroy...i've had the same pot for forever. i did however add some mexican heather to my pots. i bought one tiny little pot to see what happens. i've never tried to grow it, but it reminded me of a beautiful little circle in my dad's front yard - i think my step-mom still has that circle there (she's a major green thumber). i'm looking forward to trying it out and seeing what happens.

oh, BTW i don't have to write why i picked a major blog for the secret is just purely the place to surf...

more to post soon...looking forward to it...happy weekend!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Lacan - Critical Theory kicking my boo-tey
a weird documentary for class titled My Fake Baby (wow!)
103 degree weather
hot dogs
cherries and apricots
flea market - start early/finish early hot sun
time with mom
no babysitting, no time
long baths
gera making wooden suns and moons, some with mirrors, others with happy faces
looking at photo slides of jenn&me - feel good moments...

hope it's cool where you are!
looking forward to coming back!