Wednesday, August 26, 2009

why am i a proud american

because sometimes God gets it absolutely right, even if its for a short time...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

09 Fall

Fall graduate courses:

Theory & Practice (the most challenging--we are graded on class rankings)


Reconstructing The American

For the former, we are to pick one novel and one lyric poem. They must each be canonical.

Faulkner is in my bones, always has been. So my novel pick for the T&P class is The Sound and the Fury. Loved when I studied it in undergrad, should bask in it even more so now. Still working on the poem. Leaning towards Dickinson.

Lots of work ahead. I'm teaching one Developmental English class too. Inventing a Syllabus. Grading. Teaching in general. This should be a blast, as well.

I will do my ever-so much best to publish here from time to time, but I'm directing most devotion to my students.

Boy...I sure do miss it here. But I'm glad to be sort of around. More important: I'm still watching and reading you when time permits.

* * *

I have always marveled over Faulkner's use of playing with if not destroying the line.

I hope Fall brings great wonders to your lives and keep you like fresh new fruit--your writings, postings, etc. are beautiful and highly insightful. Thank you for that!!

besitos for now!