Monday, July 13, 2009


Lacan - Critical Theory kicking my boo-tey
a weird documentary for class titled My Fake Baby (wow!)
103 degree weather
hot dogs
cherries and apricots
flea market - start early/finish early hot sun
time with mom
no babysitting, no time
long baths
gera making wooden suns and moons, some with mirrors, others with happy faces
looking at photo slides of jenn&me - feel good moments...

hope it's cool where you are!
looking forward to coming back!


ArtSparker said...

Hello Renee - sounds like a good summer even if no time.

notmassproduced said...

nice to hear a little snippet from u. it's definately cooler here!

Found art blog said...

Wooden moons with Happy Faces?! I like the sound of those! Can we have a photo of one?!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

good to have you pop in - good format!

lot packed in to this list!

summer is so busy

overall, except for one week, it has been a deliciously mild and lovely summer....mid 70s as the high works for me!
ol' jacques.... oh yeah, we are talking major ass-kicking!! good luck with it.

just saw the documentary food inc last night, I will be reevaluating where I get meat in the future, that is for sure, or perhaps return to vegetarianism....although that would mean giving up posole....don't think I can do that!

see you next time you pop in!! xx

willow said...

Hey, just popping over to let you know I've missed you in the bloggyhood. I want to go flea marketing!!

rosedale's 4head said...

@S: it is. busy, but great! no travel stories...there's enough traveling to do right the busy-ness...

@notmass: lucky! but we're getting a slight break...tomorrow forecast...95 degrees and rain...texas is really tropic-like

@found: i posted an previous sun before...i'll see what i can do...they are magnificent!! gera is a very very modest artist...

@kimy: my lil step sis once told me about a kfc piece...something about how the enterprise treats it's chicken...and something else about weenies...i was horrified just listening to her tell me...that was years ago. we try to be meat cautious, but i do love wavering between vegan and red meat...thus, my hips and thighs, but this is surely not a's really a satisfying balance...i wallow in posole and i'm pretty good at making it...each time is better and better...

@willow: i've missed being here too. i haven't been able to catch up, but i will soon...i'm slowly moving back to the groove...looking forward to it....