Friday, June 19, 2009

Trace & Crash

I swear my best friend loves her dogs more than her husband and their children. These are two separate moments of Trace & Crash passed out from too much Chardonnay!

You gotta love it!

and in her own words: 'Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO, What a Ride'


Found art blog said...

Had the dog had too much to drink, too?!?!?!

ArtSparker said...

I think animals appreciate when people sleep beside them, apart from the bonding, in part because it is comprehensible behavior, as opposed to sitting at a computer terminal or drawing or talking on the phone.

Son of Incogneato said...

I like your friends sentiments; I've certainly done my best to leave a used up shell when I make my exit.
There is something vunerable and touching about being in bed with light blue flip-flops on.