Tuesday, June 30, 2009


after the pencil soars through is holding off 'til August to announce the Prolific Blog of the Month Award. There's so many to pick from. By August I'll be ready to pick a blog.

June flew.

July I'm gearing
for a second class


Off for now--Enjoy July.

Thanks, Jess for the picture of Jenn's marker. You are a gem.

Boysenberry Muse

and here you are again
my boysenberry muse

never knew my spirit
and love and body could
create something so charming
so complex so beautiful that


must be still to praise you

spoken winds harbor in your hair
they told a story too about
a place where dreams are
tangible and you--my

boysenberry muse
are a fussy queen who bickers over
crowds and crowds and crowds of pastels

they say that you breathe well
there and often live in the sounds
of sparkling rivers and traveling rocks
and that sometimes
your presence makes them cry

and there you are again
my boysenberry muse

absolute soul's deliverance



ArtSparker said...

Startlingly beautiful tribute. Hope you and Gera get some time to enjoy the summer, swimming pools or Farmer's Market, in the midst of everything. Be well.

notmassproduced said...

Beautiful words. come back soon.x

grrl+dog said...

allowing the field to lie fallow is the best way to ensure it's future riches... enjoy.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

achingly and breathtakingly beautiful.

I'm so happy that at last you have a photo of the marker....


happy july!