Friday, June 12, 2009

hot rains = pots full of pretty

. . .
In Texas, we are finally getting another break, today, from hot rains. The skies, for the last two days, have changed from dark green to gray-blue to dark gray. The high temps haven't been less than 90 degrees, in fact it's been in the mid 90s---this hot with falling rain. It's quite a sight to see. Here's a clip from two days ago...taken from our front porch as the rains are moved through with more that followed.

">texas lightening

The beeping, the big green street light with the lightening storm in the background creates an eerie feeling of what a war zone must look like.

Despite the recent on-going storms, my flowers are doing quite well. I still have some to get in the ground.

a big pot of tiny hodgepodge
my first attempt at serrano peppers
more rose moss i need to plant--it's beat up by the rain
mint, annoying weeds, and a new attempt at cilantro (if you can even see it)
one part of my purple heart--it can dominate but requires no care
another pot of something succulent that just grows on it's own each year
wandering jew (a great grand fav)

With a little break, hopefully these will dry out some. Today, the sun is beaming through the thick humidity left behind with the rains. We're inside mostly.

Okay, just as fast as I can get this blog posted, the rains are close by---again! Tornados and hail. Yikes! And it's really hot out. I can't win, but then again, hot rains aren't so bad.


ArtSparker said...

I see the cilantro! That is quite an ominous little film you have here. The beeping noise adds to its unsettling quality.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

oy! in the 90s already - the reason I don't live in tejas! and rain will only add to the oppressiveness - but your plants look happy!

I have a very hard time growing cilantro, it seems to go to see so fast!

this weekend i planted a bunch of basil and today discovered that some critter seemed to have harvesting it for perhaps a little rodent pesto

when I lived in fort worth a fire ball knocked me off my feet and went through my house - nothing like texas lightening in my experience

rosedale's 4 head said...

@ArtSparker/Kimy: thanks guys for pots comment. they really aren't pretty yet, i was being hopeful. and you should see our rose bush, it is insane, growing in all different directions. i may have to consult Wildeve about this...