Sunday, June 7, 2009

grad school glow, selling & my babes

Caught off guard
Got it right There's a fascinating truth in the 40 year old spread may be 30. In any event, mine showed up finally, but only, after I met Gera, three years into fives years ago. I welcome it with straight feel-good...I love to jump up and down and feel jiggle, something I've never had. It feels great to go from petite to hell-yeah, that doesn't fit anymore. That sunburn I posted about earlier is finishing up, only to greet another one. Only today, I tried to enjoy my favorite planet in the shade. I sold quite a bit. One couple came through and wiped out all my old, vintage bottles (one still had a dried dead wasp hung into the bottle lip--you can actually see it in one of the photos). Pretty cool, but I kept those bottles separate from my pretty stuff. Some things I like to sell as I find them. Customers like that.

The first day of graduate school I left with a glow that won't quit...I even took it to work with me this morning---the market. Lots of the lighter reading in between sells (yes, that's my book in my hand in one pic) and brain changing from Spanish to English to Spanish to English (Gera didn't help with confusion between BRAND and BRAIN...when I say "miracle" too quickly, he thinks I'm saying "America"--and then there's the 'burn, born' and something else I can't recall that makes so much sense in it's confusion). I won't start on several ladies asking me about the size of some high heel shoes. They used 'me dida'. I'm accustomed to 'tamano'--both mean size as in shoes. Yeah, in one pic you see shoes, then they're gone. Reasons I work at the flea market: to earn money & to learn more Spanish.

Anyhoo, I am required to teach 3 poems, write 2-2,000 word essays and teach, yes, teach Lolita (the yes is meant for me as I'm sure most have done grad school). This is only the leg work. The first day for me was mostly about listening, until the professor called me read a Yeats poem out loud. Tuesday will be about contributing to the round table of 15. Intimate. Nice. I'm trying to be calm because I love everything about it so far, but I also realize that it's a very serious leap into not only literature, but teaching it (the not so easy part).

And I had my babes this weekend. I gave my FatDaddy a bath, usually I sponge bathe him because he's still a little guy; this weekend, he got the works. His sister helped---that was a task trying to monitor both. He blew bubbles and cooed--never once cried. Of course, Gera, makes him show out more than all.
When Abis slept, Rubi and I did puzzles and we read. Her English is improving, but her teacher says she still won't speak it at school. We're working on that with an understanding that she's in a predominantly Spanish speaking household when she's not with us.

I hope your weekend was a blast!


ArtSparker said...

Maybe next time I'll try a flea market for selling...little foot traffic for my sale, but pleasant hanging out. It's wonderful to feel I've made progress toward clearing out, though. Yeats is a favorite, I was quoting today from "the Circus Animals' Desertion". Congratulations on starting the journey!

grrl+dog said...

I love selling at flea markets..the people watching is great. about the forty year spread... arghh... mine came later, and now it's muffin tops over all my jeans.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a wonderful post! words and such great photos!!

glow on!!

Polly said...

looks like you had a fab weekend

FatDaddy is so cute. thanks for the pics!

Wildeve said...

blessings to you on your first day!
I'm just recovering from a pc crash, my quick comment cannot do justice to the wonderfully rich posts here while I was away. i'll be thinking of you :)

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