Friday, June 19, 2009

critters that invade

this little guy was just dying to get into something...he held his little body half in the air, couldn't make up his mind which way, up or down, he wanted to go. finally, he went on about his way, hopefully to later become something a lot more beautiful than he is now--ick!

and this mean mama has been hanging around between neighbors, giving that look of 'give me more food' but don't get close to me. her babies are the cutest things, but we can't touch them because she hisses, even at them at times and they scratch too much which means fleas...i hate cats with a serious passion so i stay far away and respect her space

the june bugs are back too, slamming their bodies into houses, cars, doors, thudding around and winging around like loons (crazies, not duckies). they are fascinating creatures to watch, that is until they fly in your direction...for me it's haul ass.

and then gera found a butterfly that could not fly. he brought it in the house and let it wander around and even tried to feed it cantaloupe juice in a tiny little spoon. he's nuts! but then again, i'm the same way with pokechop, the german shepard mix--i save all leftovers we have just for him and i even save skinfat from chicken. worse case...i bought a package of bacon, fried it and fed it to him. the neighbors are highly negligent.

i finally convinced gera to get rid of the impaired butterfly. it creeped me out aimlessly walking around the living room instead of flying.


Found art blog said...

Maybe the butterfly gets vertigo?

ArtSparker said...

Sad. The life of a feral cat is hard. My parents have one that is domesticated, battered but very sweet.

ArtSparker said...

I should have said my father domesticated it.

Anonymous said...

i love that your header on your blog changes each time i visit.

currently, it reminds me of this bukowski poem:

the lucky ones

stuck in the rain on the freeway, 6:15 p.m.,
these are the lucky ones, these are the
dutifully employed, most with their radios on as loud
as possible as they try not to think or remember.

this is our new civilization: as men
once lived in trees and caves now they live
in their automobiles and on freeways as

the local news is heard again and again while
we shift from first gear to second and back to first.

there's a poor fellow stalled in the fast lane ahead, hood
up, he's standing against the freeway fence
a newspaper over his head in the rain.

the other cars force their way around his car, pull out into
the next lane in front of cars determined to shut them off.

in the lane to my right a driver is being followed by a
police car with blinking red and blue lights - he surely
can't be speeding as

suddenly the rain comes down in a giant wash and all the
cars stop and

even with the windows up I can smell somebody's clutch

I just hope it's not mine as

the wall of water diminishes and we go back into first
gear; we are all still
a long way from home as I memorize
the silhouette of the car in front of me and the shape of the

driver's head or
I can see of it above the headrest while
his bumper sticker asks me

suddenly I have an urge to scream
as another wall of water comes down and the
man on the radio announces that there will be a 70 percent
chance of showers tomorrow night

rosedale's 4 head said...

@Found art: you're probably right, either way, i wasn't digging it as much as my guy...

@ArtSparker: i don't know why i'm not a cat woman; i prefer dogs dogs dogs dogs...maybe because to me they seem to be somewhat predictable and certainly more reliable...

@j.: the poem says it all in a nutshell and is dead on that rainy day...we battled against rain for 3...4...days straight...gera took this on his way to pick me up from work...sometimes, his photographs work better than mine...i like that.

Found art blog said...

I'm glad my logic makes sense to SOMEBODY!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

feral cats and june I'm definitely having flash backs to my years of living in fort worth!