Monday, June 1, 2009

busybody-ing, shop to sell, picture overload of business goodies, first week of studies for an MA in literature

I had a minor break in work this weekend. So Gera and I hit the road early Saturday morning to go see what we could see...we shop to sell. Usually, we have other means of acquiring stuff for our booth at the flea market, but we wanted to try something different: estate sales.These old cups and saucers were to die for. I could only think of my blogpal ArtSparker---Boy, what she can do to this quiet, conventional collection. I pick up one, then start to swallow and swallow 3, 4, 5 times at the prices...let's just say each set was priced at nearly $20. There were other gorgeous items in the house, stuff I wanted to buy for my mother, but couldn't.

I felt awkward after paying for my purchase and leaving with a dreadful plastic bag of old rags ($2) Gera can use for staining and other woodwork projects, a whatnot, priced within my budget ($1), a set of 3, yes only 3 cool drinking glasses...tried to bargain, but these people where out to make serious dough, no one was laughing or smiling and there was one lady who followed everyone around with a tally book so all you had to do was take your ticket to the counter in the living room and the cashier would ring you up. The drinking glasses were ($5)...I almost backed out at the idea of there only being 3, and finally, Gera got two thin reading lights (really neat) so I can read when he's driving,($3). And that was it. Really, no one was buying anything because everything was priced so so high. When we finally were ready to leave, one of the worker people said, "In a few days, we may do a 50% off. So come back." Yeah right! The may was a bit too iffy and the drive was long.

After the second sale, we decided it's best to stick to the cheap way we get our profitable merchandise...and after finding the same set of rules at another estate sale, we ended that venue and decided to go to two favorite thrift stores.

Then we venture a little farther out and found an antique mall...I had such a difficult time focusing on one thing at a time. See why below:

The prices were not within our budget so my difficulty in focusing became easier. It was still quite a fascinating little place. I came away with a ($2) bag I'll carry one or two books in, two ceramic figurines, ($3) each...I bought one because she is wearing a green dress. Gera purchased a ($7) small wooden sun. That's all! We probably won't go back really is an antique store.

Whatever happens next weekend, we will stick to the impersonal thrift store or yard sale...we will avoid estate sales. Besides, they are pretty sad to be a part least where someone has died. I've only been to a few and I always feel so weird selecting items from lifelong collections, from a private haven. What I don't chose is probably something so extraordinarily special to the deceased and what I do decide to buy, take away, was probably even more of a personal sentiment...creepy creepy crEEpy.

Cheap good stuff I took home from several garage sales:

We had a great day at the flea market---and I stayed under the canopy. But I couldn't avoid direct sun for too long because I love it (again, it has to do with tutoring in an office all day).

Hours before securing a flea market space:

We had to wait in a long line (lots of worthy, good competition)--and yes, unfortunately, that's my hairy leg--when I look at this photo all I can hear is my best friend, Tracy, saying..."ewww, that's fuckin gross!"--we became friends for many reasons, especially for her candor--she holds no prisoners).
I managed to read a little too.


Found art blog said...

Now, that's MY kinda window-shopping! You go to flea markets too?? I love those!!

ArtSparker said...

Sometimes better to go the second day doing estate sales. I know hat you mean about the sadness of them, very motivating to dispose of one's own extraneous stuff. Looks like a wonderful expedition. I could show you a couple of places in my area, as you know.

Anonymous said...

oh! You are a highlighter too! Love to go back on books I have read and highlighted years later to see what was so important then..