Monday, May 11, 2009



Two events: today and this weekend baffled the hell out of me, and ignited bad feelings


At the college where I've been employed for a good while, there's either been a change in mentality or a trend in stupidity. Twice last month, a decent stretch of days in between, I'd walk into the ladies' room and the water would be running in one of about five different sinks...the first time I thought oops, someone forgot to turn off the water. The second time, I thought oops a student was probably in a hurry for a test or a ride a home. Today, I walk into a stall and another (of about 8 or 10) was occupied. As I'm finishing a cup of coffee and a days' worth of bottled water...the one person in the occupied stall walks out. I hear the water turn on. I think oh good, this person is washing her hands...a relief from what I and a janitor witnessed a week ago...another story not worth telling...but EARL!

Then, I hear the hard-heeled shoes stamp out, but I also hear the water still senses tell me 1. the person is gone and 2. she left the water running. By this time, I'm out of the stall and I see what I felt. I stand dismayed and mad and appalled and dumbfounded. I apologized to Earth and the State of California. I leave it running (which makes me even more indignant) and walk to the door to see who the ungrateful earth murderer is...I look left, there's a lady marching around the end of a hallway...I look right, there's a student purchasing a scan tron out of a vending machine. I decide to let it go, but I wanted to say "Hey, forgot the running water! You dizzy wench!"

If she doesn't want to touch the facet keys, just grab a paper towel and turn them off. Can you imagine if more than one person does this...water just running, wasting down the sink. I was so mad and then I remembered...that's that part of your Texas you loathe...remember?


We live in a rural part of Fort Worth. This past weekend, we were preoccupied with our niece and nephew. In the quiet of the evening, we suddenly hear a male voice and loud cries from a horse, not neighing, but cries...I go out to the porch. I see a fat, sturdy drunk male on top of a horse, kicking deep into its sides yelling, "You do as I say...when I I say...[kick, stab, kick, whip] you heh? Get yo ass over heh! [whip, kick, whip, kick, kick, kick] As I say...I'mo teach you...As I say!" It went on more than one can imagine...I was in disbelief...angry...I wanted to call someone...the there such a thing as animal abuse police? Later, I told Gera, "That's the kind of motherfucker who beats the hell out of a woman." He looks at me and says, "You don't know that." I said, "My grandmother taught me how to recognize that kind."

I loved reading Lawrence's Women in Love during undergrad, but the horse whippings...I remember having to seek, deeply, with extra effort the art...there.


willow said...

There's absolutely no excuse for it. I agree, if they don't want to touch the faucet, after they've washed, grab a paper towel to turn it off!

Found art blog said...

Um... yeah, there's Animal Control I think it's called in the States, that deal with animal abuse. If you have a look at the Shiloh Horse Rescue website or blogspot (shove the words together, put www. before it and after!) they talk about Animal Control in Nevada ... the link is also via my blog!

notmassproduced said...

It's hard to believe there are people around like this - well actually it's not is it? It would just be nice if it was hard to believe that there are people around like this. Well ranted.

ArtSparker said...

Wow, I just read Willow's comment...there's actually a reason? They don't want to touch their own germs(the kind of person who probably has few So sounds like it's one person...Maybe you could have a heart to heart about the janitor about posting a sign, with the advice Willow has given. I would do it in a heartbeat, gets up my nose.

As does the horse incident. I've got my own stories about what I've seen with animals which I won't go into...more minor cruelties, mostly, but perverse in the deepest sense. There is the S.P.C.A. , of course.

Jessicambay said...

Report the motherf*cker.

rosedale's 4 head said...

@Willow: ya think...? or even get a papertowel to clean the handles before washing...anything but waste water...anything but waste....anything....but that...

@Found&ArtS: thanks for the good info. i did call SPCA. if it happens again, they're ready. i've never had to do something like this...

@my lil sis: i know you. all hell would have broke loose had you been here...

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