Friday, May 8, 2009

giving them back

Mother's Day for me will be well spent. I will have Rubi and Abis for sure on Sunday, and will see Cierra for a tad. Unfortunately, these pics are all old--by just a few months in Abis and Cierra's case.

Rubi, the love of my life...I remember when she was fat-thighed almost toddling around in a fluffy pamper. I'd wake up with a crook in my neck from sleeping between her and Gera. God that was a crunch.

Rubi is now missing teeth, way different from this photo I took a while ago. She's taller and thin. She has words for her Uncle Gera all the time. She's learned to reason and negotiate. She uses our computer ( and Nick), sometimes, way way past her bedtime. We pretty much give her whatever she wants as long as it's within our means. But Gera still loses to her when they bicker...she might become a lawyer...

This is my new baby, Abis who is so adorable and who is a good good good baby. Rarely cries as long as his panal is changed, has a full stomach, and is not sleepy. He rarely completes a good yawn, every now and then he squints, sticks out his tiny little tongue and gets it good.

He is now almost 3 months old and he smacks his mouth and flails, trying to coo. He is so different than my girls and is secretly my favorite (in baby stage). He rarely wakes in the night; I have to wake him to change him and feed him a bottle. He's so easy. Gera kisses him all the time and I have to remind him of his prickliness. He is so good with the baby, but quickly hands him back to me when Abis gets fussy.

This is Cierra, my sister's 40th birthday present...she was a crier, oh god! in the beginning, but is now a calm happy little thing. She's going to be a beautiful model some day.

Cierra is now a 7 month old beauty. She recently fell off the bed while my sister was in the bathroom applying make-up. I assured her it's normal; it happens. She's sitting up and even bouncing around in a walker. A little fever as teeth are on their way. I only get to see her on Wednesdays, but I secretly spoil her. I never put her down and we play in her toy box til way way late. When mom comes home, Cierra is worn out!

And after keeping them all, especially the baby (who is so good, can't say it enough, so good), Gera and I look at each other moments after the front door closes, our niece and her boyfriend have driven away, and!...just think we were trying to procreate.... we love it, but we really love giving them all back to their parents and going back to our normal two-party personed household.

This all reminds me of when my Big used to say, "You'd better do it now or you're going to be too set in your ways..."--I'm so there.



Anonymous said...

I am sooo there with you. Being barren by choice and old enough to know how selfish and ambitious I am, a child free life is the only way. does take years of craving to arrive at that serenity... Enjoy your special day too.

lilaphase said...

You make it sound like you have the best of both worlds wrapped up on a platter. Those kids are gorgeous, and you seem to have more than the typical auntie relationship with them.


tangobaby said...

Have a wonderful day with these little people. What beautiful kiddies you celebrate here.

notmassproduced said...

lovely post - you have lots of extremely cute little people around you.