Friday, May 15, 2009


The college Writing Center is like magic...quiet! It's so amazing to come into work and do other things besides tutor and read essays all day long...I love my job, but I indulge the "engaged to wait" time as well. Hopefully, after updating WC fliers, listings of summer hours and workshops, hiring another full-tutor for Fall, an new on-call for summer, I'll get a better head start on my own classwork. I still can't believe I'm starting graduate classes in 3 weeks. I'm so looking forward to it! But for now, the weekend, the quiet time belongs to me...only...I'm even finding a moment to blog this...

My TO DO list for the weekend?

Wash clothes
Wash our van
Cook...a little*
Visit Mom and Auntie
Plant lots of rose moss
Prepare items to sell at flea market/if it doesn't rain
Go garage sale/thrift store shopping
Drink Red wine*
Blog a little
Give Gera a haircut
Watch "The Village" and "The Visitor" - recommended by co-worker
Blog a little
Have more Red Wine*
Order a Pizza

Happy Weekend to all...How will you spend it?


ArtSparker said...

Every time you mention cooking my ears perk know someday I'm going to show up at your door just before dinner, right? Shyamalan's writing of dialogue doesn't do it for me. What i rose moss?

This weekend, I should really try to make a snake to replace the tree decoration I put up a couple of months ago, which is looking kind of monochromatic.
Maybe this evening! Oh, also if you see the Fort Worth Paper, I have an illustration coming up on next weekend's Entertainment cover.

rosedale's 4 head said...

@ArtSparker: OMG! Congrats on the illustration. I will save many copies!!!! Looking for to it.

As for's on a little something...not my favorite thing to do...but I try...I have to with a *traditional* Mexican man in the house. I would love it if you showed up....I do know how to make a mean torta...

Rose moss is this beautiful mix between a ground cover and a flower. It's succulent, but blooms in a variety of colors yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, white, coral even, was my great grandma's's so easy to grow and so pretty to look at---and it's comes back every year once you plant blooms best in overcast-y, humid weather...