Thursday, March 26, 2009

the sky thing again

This week the sky 'showed out'...opened up and poured and poured and poured. The rains, here, this time of year are so warm. I love the build up of the humidity and even though Texas is flat and one of the few biggest cow states, it feels pretty tropical during springtime.

Hopefully, after the flood of students and busy work week, I will be able to photograph and give yal a little part of Texas spring, my style.

In any event, I told Gera he's trying to qualify for a post on The Big Storm. The only thing is he didn't get in our van and chase the clouds or follow winds before the rains hit.

The black and white in these is too prominent, scary looking. Yet we were childish enough to stare for shapes. We found quite a few.


Polly said...

These pictures are stunning! Heavy skies, no rain... no wonder you kept staring at them, I would. Beautiful.

lilaphase said...

Those clouds are truly amazing. God's art is breathtaking.

ArtSparker said...

Scary - looks like big, big viscera hovering overhead.

Maybe I'm a bit morbid.

Wildeve said...

Wow, those clouds look ominous. Amazing.

tish brewer said...

wow. these are beautiful. you are right about our matching clouds. i am happy you posted and i found your blog...i love your writing and your spirit.