Thursday, March 12, 2009

the french eye

Yet another beautiful French piece from the discarded book. I only had enough time to jot down the artist, Edouard Boubat. Not certain of the year or title. Could do some research, but I want to keep the post exactly how I found this, unplanned and in a hurry.

This piece speaks so much. I love the skin color against the white, soft dress, the soon to be sagging breasts and the near, almost shy nature of the mom to be. The hands, the slight pull to the roundness of her bump. The shadows tell a different story.

My soul turns when artists see and give back the beauty that we cannot, or that we find so common we merely pass by without the simplest of notice.

Still haven't convinced the library to let me have the book instead of throwing it away. I'm working on it though.


tangobaby said...

Throwing a book away? Say it isn't so. Even just that image alone should make the case for the book to go to a good and loving home. I can't even dog-ear a page in a book. The idea of throwing one away makes me shudder.

Beautiful beautiful image.

lilaphase said...


IF they can't get past the foolishness to give you the book, can't you just pluck it out anyway?

ArtSparker said...

That image is like a landscape.

The library here sells books for fifty cents or a dollar each when they are finished with them...Is this throwing away a Texas thing?

flawsnall said...

@my ladies: this is the same book that a patron slit artpics from. This happens a lot here. We find books throughout the library that patrons have cut whole pages, or have either taken time to slit a picture out squarely, perfectly. Madness!

Wildeve said...

I once worked in a fabric store where they threw away the ends of the bolts rather than give them away or sell them. Such a wasteful policy that made no sense.
It's heartbreaking that patrons disfigure the books that way.