Wednesday, March 4, 2009

and then there's the Texas norm


I was so pissed and highly disturbed by the last cowboy post--the pork, Obama protesters--that I did my best to find something good and a little normal in the everyday Texas cowboy. These scenes, a lot different than the aqua-water colored beach with warm bright sands and beautiful, plunging fire-y sunsets, calmed me. This cowboy was literally riding over a busy highway bridge, not far from our house on his horse until cars needed to pass by....this is the good stuff, the native good stuff about Texas.


tangobaby said...

I remember being at the Eiffel Tower and meeting a young French man. He confided in me that when he would come to America, he wanted to go to Texas (this was at the height of the Freedom Fry nonsense in Congress, so I thought that was mighty brave of him). When I asked him, why Texas, all he could say was Cowboys.

Thank you for giving us another image to consider.

ArtSparker said...

I like the first photo in combination with the second. Monumental rider and horse.