Saturday, February 28, 2009

i'm red as a tomato and it ain't because i'm blushing

If you want to know how sick my home state is just read a little bit. If you don't have the time or interest in reading, just watch the video. These kinds of Texans are the ones who are just shy of lynching.

the morbid side of Texans

Several hundred protest Obama stimulus program in Fort Worth

Republican officials are among several hundred showing their displeasure with recovery program


FORT WORTH — Chanting "No more pork!" and "No more bailouts!" a few hundred "tea party" protesters stood outside a west Fort Worth sports bar for hours Friday, cheering and waving signs at passing drivers to protest the Obama administration’s economic stimulus program.

"I bet there’s not a single person here today who wants to pay their neighbor’s mortgage," Tarrant County Republican Chairwoman Stephanie Klick said to yells and applause.

Klick was echoing a self-described rant last week by CNBC personality Rick Santelli against the Obama stimulus policy.

Friday’s protest outside Cowtown Sports Bar and Grill on Camp Bowie West was one of many reported nationwide including in San Diego, Atlanta and St. Louis.

Carrying a sign that read "News flash: There is no money," Mindy Wood of Fort Worth said the far left was using the economic crisis as an opportunity to stage a "Marxist revolution" within the federal government.

"I’ve been getting more and more frustrated as the days go by," Wood said.

Those interviewed approved of Gov. Rick Perry’s recent declaration that Texas might not accept all of the stimulus money designated for the state.

"This isn’t about Obama. This is about taxation," said Rick Ledoux, 50, of Fort Worth. "No one’s saying do nothing. That’s a straw man. We’re saying do the right thing."

Ledoux said tax cuts should be the main way to stimulate the economy. While acknowledging that the stimulus bill has already been signed into law, some said they hope Congress will push for changes.

Several people said a host of elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, have betrayed their constituents by supporting part or all of President Barack Obama’s stimulus proposals.

"I think we should throw everyone out of there who is for all this government spending," said Robert Paul of Benbrook, son of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a former presidential candidate.

Many of the signs targeted Obama’s fiscal policy with words such as "Hope + Change = Fear + Debt" and "Taxpayers revolt against Gimme-mania." Some took aim at the president himself, with slogans such as "Obama is a damn liar" and "Obama 'bin Lyin’."

Klick said signatures on petitions collected Friday will be sent to state and federal elected officials.

Participants predicted that the rally was just the first step in a movement to vigorously oppose Obama’s policies.

"We can’t allow this assault on the principles that make America great to succeed," former Arlington state Rep. Bill Zedler said.

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notmassproduced said...

They don't come across as the brightest buttons in the box do they?

flawsnall said...

nope, in fact, the fit the stereo mold, as much as i hate to say it...

flawsnall said...

hick to the max

Wildeve said...

Are they forgetting who got us into this mess to begin with? Clinton left office with a budget surplus. I'm afraid they are all wearing crazy glasses or something. After all these years I am still astounded by ignorance.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

truly un- frigging-believable..... but then again....not

ArtSparker said...

Missing California, are we?

flawsnall said...

@ArtSparker: How did you know? My daughter's is still buried there in a little private cemetary in Fair Oaks, California. I still have some unopened, packed boxes in Davis, California--one of my friends moved into my apartment. A step mom, three siblings, two best friends....many reasons to move back. I'm trying to make it work here, but this kind of mentality eats away at me and makes me want to run back. I tease Gera about us going and he just says, "Okay, well whatever." He's so easy!

ArtSparker said...

Well, it would be lovely to have you nearby...I guess Arnie is not arguing about accepting stimulus money, so maybe employment situation here will get better.