Sunday, January 4, 2009


No lloras, no lloras!

So tomorrow, I am back at the college. I have mixed feelings. Looking forward to getting back to my work routine, but not the needy, clingy students. I usually wear out around September. It's been a great month off, however, despite my pregnancy issues. A month goes quickly when you're bumming around, crocheting, drinking tea or coffee, a hit of Patron for the holidays, reading great books, savouring homemade pumpkin pancakes, watching movies, cleaning from time to time, a little visiting, eating good food and going out to a nice restaurant occasionally, for no reason--specifically. I love it when I have a break from cooking. My other half lives up to the Mexican tradition of cooking and eating in--so when we do go out to a nice restaurant, it's a big deal--a few hours of get-away.

Tomorrow will begin with new students coming into the department. Some will look a little scared, lost and others will be ready to jump in. This Spring semester I have vowed (to myself) to teach with enthusiasm all the way to the end (next December) and avoid becoming repetitive or sounding boiler plate-ish. I'm redecorating my office, well...really just adding another piece of artwork and house some of my own books in my office. I will add a few other whatnots and such to keep myself engaged in my duty as a teacher. After Spring time, it's so easy to jump rail and have a burn out.

I also plan to teach my classes this new year with a tad more umpf! I may video myself just to watch it later and note areas that need improvement or not. And I will give out rate-your-essay-writing-workshop-instructor sheets after class is over to see what students really think.

In any event please stop by postsecret and see what new secrets are out. Some are just completely mindblowing.

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