Thursday, January 29, 2009

the sky is alive

I've been away for awhile, never by choice. The college is buzzing right now and posting time is skim. Students are already signing up for tutoring sessions; I am reminded of promises to myself, the new approaches to teaching this semester--don't be boiler plate. Not only that but Texas weather has been rather moody--the usual. From rain to warm to sleet to iced roads. The college was closed for two days, the library filled with homeless people, then it too decided to close. I spent the ice days finishing minor house projects and a little crocheting. Pretty much--nothing great to post, just another crazy weather week in Texas.

Some days a Texas sky will prance right before your eyes.

Other days a Texas sky will hover like a monster with wading arms ready to swallow.

More often than not, a Texas sky will mesmerize you with its electric blue twisting down into barren trees.

...and then it will open and freeze you stiff, cause havoc and shut down.

This can all happen within two days.

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SunMie said...

Beautiful pics! And btw I love the title of your blog!