Tuesday, January 6, 2009

librarians are the 2009 it

I feel special--even though technically--I am a library assistant. But go figure anyhoo:

Librarianship Named "Best Career" in 2009

Some welcome news in today's tough economy, U.S. News and & World Report last week named librarianship as a "Best Career 2009."

The overview dispels the image of librarians as "mousy bookworms," reporting that librarians have become "high-tech information sleuths, helping patrons plumb the oceans of information available in books and digital records, often starting with a clever Google search but frequently going well beyond." Special librarianship in particular is named the field's fastest-growing job market.



Oh, but in the end though, my sister (the new mom) still kicks ass as a high paid emergency room registered nurse!


Anonymous said...

I want to tell you that your blog is truly touching. I also want to tell you that you are so fortunate to have at least experienced pregnancy once. I will never have that much. May great magical things happen to you for being open, honest, vulnerable, free, and brave in your blog posts about conception. Your voice is a charm.

jenn's mama said...

Thank you, Anon, for your kind words. I was certainly not looking to experience pregnancy all over again because it does warp the body (for the good of course), but only to give the man of my life a second child. I waited forever to find the right person to spend the rest of my life with, but I did. I just waited a little too long. But I think that's kind of the point. It's really all worth it.