Saturday, January 10, 2009

an any given evening

Gera is watching an archive, Lennox Lewis and Ray Mercer.

Dinner: spinach mushrooms chicken a little cheese

For dessert we ate my great grandmother's dinner version of sweet potatoes: wash, rub with oil, wrap in foil, bake...until a fork slides through with ease. Remove foil, split, add a little olive oil butter (there is such a thing). Add cinnamon and oh yes baby, we add a little condensed sweet milk--just a little, mix in skin, then devour. Heaven! The aroma smells like...Fall.

Earlier, we passed time in a local aquarium shop.

He is researching aquariums: designs, shapes, sizes, wood type, types of glass, etc., for an upcoming project. Yes, he will build an aquarium from scratch for some clients.

These little guys were beautiful and looked to me like colorful saucers. The warning reads: Please Don't Touch Discus Breeding Pairs. After a while, I felt sad staring at the beautiful fish, their colors, movement, their differences and similarities. Many tropical. And even though their environment appears surreal, authentic looking, most of the fish were quite tepid. It's funny how we, humans, enjoy capture.

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