Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the ever ugly backwoods mentality

Can you believe that one school district in Texas tried to prevent school children from watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama under the guise of-it interferes with curriculum? Bullshit! Nothing like this about my south surprises me, but when children are stunted in their education and robbed of a ground-breaking historical time, my heart stops.

Read it for yourself:

Keller ISD one of few Dallas-Fort Worth area school districts not to show Obama inauguration

By Pegasus News wire

While many Dallas-Fort Worth area school districts are offering their students the opportunity to watch Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20, that opportunity will not be available in Keller ISD. District officials say that they "shouldn't sacrifice the instructional time" to watch the event live since students will be able to watch it later at home on the internet or in rebroadcasts.

Posted by Alex B.

My Aunt told me that after many people 'raised hell' the denial was reversed


ArtSparker said...

Good for the media for making it known. It's much harder to hide anything these days.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

unfortunately I believe it...shame, shame shame! if the keller isd doesn't change their tune I hope that the parents have the good sense to keep their kids home to watch...

I can't think of anything more educational than being able to observe this historical moment in REAL TIME - talk about grist for the mill for teachers to bring up all sorts of issues.

thanks for dropping in on the mouse and leaving a comment..I know I'll be coming back for many visits...

Deedee said...

Yes, I believe it. Unfortunately, ignorance lives on. The good news is that most rational people refuse to suffer it any longer. Love your blog...thought provoking and visually interesting!

JENZ O said...

Only today my partner said to me ..if you want to confirm your prejudices about USA read that book..she pointed at John Grisham's 'The Innocent Man'.
I was a student in the sixties and profoundly touched by the civil rights movement...thank goodness people have the courage to protest..thank goodness that we have the monkey 'media' sitting on our shoulder.