Wednesday, January 21, 2009

cowtown crunch

When Gera and I want to get away from the rural (our curbless, horse infested neighborhood), we venture out to downtown. Yes, Fort Worth actually has a downtown---with thriving night life and even some rodeo-ing. We mainly walk the museums then frequent a bar.

The climate has finally decided to act like winter instead of pretending it's Springtime. The nights are cool but pleasant. The days are at times windy and biting. Sometimes, we grab a coffee and bundle up on a bench. Peoplewatch.

I've checked the pulse on our cowtown and everyone seems to be less tense, jovial even, but braced. The sad part about our adventure around the outskirts of town is seeing all the businesses closing---the CLOSING or OUT OF BUSINESS or GOING OUT OF BUSINESS or FORECLOSED signs, little shops and stores that were probably started by someone's great great grandparents, but must succumb to the reality of our economy. Despite, FWTX is still going strong, but like every where else...strong with deep caution.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

I lived in cowtown for eight years (1973-1981)! in spite of the weather (I don't really do hot) I loved it. go back frequently given as I now have family there. that I guess one could say I married the city when I choose my life partner!

f and my first 'date' at the kimball art museum where we went to see an exhibit on fauvism. the new modern museum has now become one of my favorite museums of all time.... incredible architecture. I hope you caught the ron mueck show which was there in 2007. he is wild!!!

sadly those going out of business signs are an all too common sight almost everywhere nowadays. I sure hope we will turn that around!

VisH said...

hey i like ur PIcture sense the way when u visit at my blog i m waiting ur comments.....???

j. said...

aw, i know how sad it is to see CLOSED sign. there's something very somber in it.

this was a really lovely post.
normally, i don't like reading people's blogs.
i just like pictures.
but your blog is an exception.
i really like the way you express your thoughts.

: )

j. said...

also, would you mind if i linked to you??

jenn's mama said...

thanks for your kind comments. i'm a visual person too. by all means please link...thanks again!

ArtSparker said...

I am hoping some of these small businesses make it through, one small video store near me moved from a medium-sized place into one the size of a walk-in closet.

Who will be our Busby Berkeley?