Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long Beach in the 70s

Looking back through family archives is one of my favorite ways to pass time. My great auntie of 80 years old gave me some old black and whites and even a few post cards. I read this one and was floored at her use of the term "got stone[d]". This was her first of two trips ever to California. She an my Uncle in the 70s. The post is addressed to my grand mother, her sister, and my grandfather, Jesse James who was a gem.

I was so surprised because if you've ever read any of my earlier posts, you know then that my Auntie is not the type to use such phrases. And then I think maybe my impression of her is solely based on my years as a young girl and as a woman, with her. Either this or she had a touch of Cali-spell. She's the epitome of black southern, foul mouthed, but loves people--all people--and speaks most of the time in broken dialect. African American vernacular. To imagine though that she wrote "got stone[d]" is, to me, out of this world. But shows that even when you think you have your closest relatives pegged, something blows a hole right through your tag.

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lilaphase said...

So cool to see a glimpse of the past this way.

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