Monday, June 30, 2008

bi-weekly to-do list

>finish Lea's baby blanket...add shower 7.20
>read The Tenth Circle...see movie later, on dvd
>remind Gera to review the dryerase board for his vocab of the week...add: highway v. hallway title v. tile cvr nuances of the word "did" and "at all"
>get apostilles for my birth certificate, degree and letter of good health
>call mom, tell her the apple core from Tiger Woods sold for more than $36K--DNA
>log into post board re HK-KLG
>don't be late to work this week
>develop sisters' characters, try to get beyond Chapter 18
>call Joe at the wound center...don't mention his latest amputation...remind him not to be noncompliant/diabetes is conquerable
>try to re-download letters in my grandmother's handwriting addressed to me&Jenn
finish blog entry titled "letters from a seamstress"
>revisit The Cask of Amontillado, A View from the Bridge, Presents from my Aunt in Pakistan
>enjoy break from selling at the market
>re-review international baccalaureate curriculum
>practice Spanish verbs on BBC espanol...ask Gera about a juantar still confusing
>rest/eat Beibi Dinos Tamarindo Paletadinos, buy a bottle of yellowtail cab
>research the questions: can bilingualism disrupt a nation? Is language vital to unify a country? what is likely to happen if the wish for power in a politician comes before his sense of responsibility? which personalities, past or present, saw responsibility before seeing power? welcome thoughts and opinions from bloggers on these/hopefully will get response(s)
>call Auntie...wish her golden luck at Windstar
>call Lea, check on her and baby Cierra...find out what Saturdays ea. month I will babysit...try not to ooze with joy...try not to kiss Cierra every second...avoid causing baby to have kissing bumps, but still kiss her every chance I get
>get boxes for my books so Gera can paint our bedroom...don't get into an argument with him because I need my books in our bedroom and in the living some books. Minimum: 30. Depends.
>water our mother's day rose bush, the canna Auntie gave us last week...we still need
to dig a hole for the crape myrtle she no longer wants. now, we might have to wait until after summer
>dry poblano seeds from the chili rellenos I made...plant right away
>nap...wake novellas
>make a "no parking here" sign for our borracho vecinos
>thank Auntie for the 3 leafed pecan tree she pulled up and set in a coffee can(don't know where she got the coffee tin)
>read The House on Fortune Street only if I've finished The Tenth Circle
>go see Wanted because Jolie is my all-time fav celeb in the world, next to Alfry Woodard Forest Whittaker
>buy chulita calling cards so we can call Gera's son in Mexico
>get $3 worth of Texas Two Step lottery
>see if we can go out to dinner to BJ's Brewery...don't be mad if Gera says "no... after our pozole leftovers"
>spend time with Ruby...take her for ice cream
>call mom...go see her this week...don't become aggravated by her smoking
>check again on fam in San Francisco, brother in Auburn, and Shawna in Berkeley re fires
>rest/crochet or read/glass of cab/warm bath with Gera
>buy us new toothbrushes
>turn off back door porch light every night so June bugs don't alarm me by crashing and slamming their bodies into our screen door...they are so invasive, clingy, stupid and beautifully southern (try to get a pic included here)
>try not to think about next week's to-do list
>try not to think about next month's to-do list

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

funniest fav video

This video is so hilarious. I just can't stop watching it and crying from laughter.

good but sour