Sunday, December 28, 2008

what's reading this month

Perusing through the latest arrivals, found these two books to read over the New Year holiday. Friendly Fire by A. B. Yehoshua and The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel. Hope they turn out to be worth it.

The last book I read: A Partisan's Daughter, is rendered well. Some passages about communism drag underneath the relationship between the married man and the prostitute, but comes around nicely to a surprising, titillating end. Recommended.

I'm still working on crochet projects and hope to post them. Really cute stuff. Time is limited over the next week so will be posting, but in bursts.


Jessicambay said...

I've got "A Partisan's Daughter" on my list of books to read. Glad to hear you liked it.

Jessicambay said...

Have you read the Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? It's sooooo amazing. I can see why it won the Pulitzer.