Saturday, December 6, 2008

playing book display god

...a work saturday in the library...

When you first walk in to our beautiful library there is an overwhelming sensation of pillars and marble, etchings of important names of people, contributors/donors, grand golden letters writing out famous quotes from dead philosophers, writers, the like, of recent a 36 ft tall Christmas loaded with lights and bulbs, styrofoam colored candies, other sparkly things and four huge golden stars at the top. I'm not sure why four. Overwhelming. For an hour on Saturday/Sunday shifts, an employee is assigned to the Plaza, it's a lobby-like area where you answer patron questions, direct, point, show, and put out debut fiction, new fiction, new non-fiction and bestseller books on displays. So, I'm straightening and replacing and shifting and moving and adding books around here and there. I came across Francine Prose's latest work Golden Grove, and an evil streak came over me. I decided to play Book Display God. I removed her book from the high up "look at me" display to the lay down-flat-patrons-can-only-see-the-spine-and-must-turn-their-necks-and-bend-down-to-pick-me-up side of the display. I did this because I remembered one of characters in Blue Angel, which was a good read by the way, said Toni Morrison's books were "bullshit" and we all know that's bullshit. She's lucky I didn't take her book to one of my off-desk duty areas (pic shown): the ever deep dark eerie government documents shelves--everything is dusty and quiet and lifeless and creepy, gray and frayed and new but beige--can you imagine Francine Prose's book with its somber but colorful cover in the midst of U.S. government documents---I like to think of it as book cemetery. But, I'm not that evil. I did, however, decide to move to the front lines and set up on a nice small display rack Karen Fowler's Wit's End and only because she's a friend of a friend of a friend. There are so many new authors and new fiction, the books come in tides. When I'm working in the Plaza, playing Book Display God is a quirky relief from other library work like researching for patrons or pulling holds. The only problem is, however, in order to continue to play Book Display God, I have to read more (the stuff that I wouldn't normally read) and get to know more writers.

I'm currently reading A Partisan's Daughter and oh my is it good. Hope to dish more about it. Finished Morrison's A Mercy. She is a true master in making use of America's history. And since I'm off from the college for a full month-YAY!--I checked out a mass of crochet books. I've already purchased pretty yarns, in different colors and styles and hope to post some of what I make. I'm looking now at the simplest of all: scarf and hat patterns--it's winter here already (well as of two days ago, but now it's warm again), and I have lots of Christmas gifting to do---I am years behind. Luckily, my people love me!

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