Saturday, December 20, 2008

A LifeTime of Secrets by Frank Warren

Frank Warren has published several fantastic collections of creative postcards with people's secrets. I found this two weeks ago in the bestseller section. Normally I don't go for bestsellers, but I picked this and discovered amazing voices in few words. The book is a collection of postcards from people around the world, "all backgrounds and nationalities...[of] creatively decorated postcards bearing screts they have never before revealed." Beautiful idea of "collective confessions." Visit the site, but I will say there were so many in the book that I thought were stunning. I read through one collection in no time. Very interesting stuff. Says a lot about humanity. ALOT!

To see the best post idea ever-click here

To get a better idea, get the book collection.

One of my favorites...for no personal reason is this one:

What a brilliant way to get people to release whatever ails them, or not. One of my post secrets is: my oldest sister was born stillbirth at 6 mos. because mother's boyfriend tripped over a concrete crack and dropped my mother while carrying her. My sister's name was "Kim".

If you had to write one what would it be? You can comment anonymously.

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