Friday, December 26, 2008

if our child could be

If Gera and my child could be, it would have perhaps hazel eyes. Mine are light brown,sometimes a touch of gold-yellow, Gera's are green, sometimes a touch of light brown. We both have moles on our lips, mine on my top lip, Gera's on his bottom lip (may add pic later). It's hair would be curly for sure and it's skin tone would be a light brown, browner than my tone of course...or who knows, it could be as dark as my first baby. I always say a black woman can never be sure what color her baby will be. However, I think it would be a boy and he would be an artist like Gera, but a scientist by night. He would be able to sing, but he wouldn't be that tall. He would be extremely handsome with my nose and Gera's eyebrows and lashes and chin. He would have my father's smile and Gera's Mom's spirit. He would probably not have my JDW forehead or's a wonder.

He would be a miracle.