Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the Paltrow

I did it! And without a hotcomb! I finally got my fro to do the 'my thing'--bun up!!

Before going into work on Sunday I treated my hair nicely. I washed it really good, conditioned it with Tresemme (dollar store), rinsed it well with a nice mixture of warm water and lemon then combed and brushed and combed and brushed, sin cringe. The results--the Paltrow!

Of course, in one of these pics, you can definitely see a tad of rebellion--there's a tiny little kanked coil sticking out at my nape! In any event, I was still prettified at the head and have been since. Plan to wash again tonight and start again.

The trick is though I have to sleep with two pigtails every night to straighten out the coils--much better than the old fashioned way, especially after a good wash, coils are even tighter--and Gera was supposed to capture the pigtails---NOT THESE!

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Shawna said...

looks like it's cold in texas!!;)