Sunday, November 16, 2008

notes from a library--for Ryan

Part of my job working in periodicals is to research obituary requests. People write in, via email, and request death notices of loved ones, friends, neighbors, lovers, distant family members, and just in general--for whatever reason--estate claims, works-in-progress: songs/books, family trees. This is a favorite part of my tasks. The difficult part of these searches, however, is doing so without stopping to look at every interesting article or sales ad or big news headline that passes through the microfilm scanner! After all, many of the searches request deaths from the early 1900s and some even further back.

In researching an obit a week ago, from the 1960s, I stumbled across one, interesting, old article. The only reason it caught my eye (Nationalists/Taipei) is because my friend writes of this territory (Taiwan).

Fort Worth Star Telegram
Friday Morning, October 14, 1960

Nationalists Vow Defense Of 2 Islands
Taipei, Formosa, Oct. 13 (Reuters)--Top Nationalist Chinese military sources declared Thursday the Nationalists would "fight to the death" to defend Quemoy and Matsu Islands.

They were commenting privately on the emergence of the offshore islands as an issue in the American presidential election campaign.

The sources claimed that without Quemoy and Matsu "there will be no Formosa and Penghu"--the Pescadores Island group 50 miles west of southern Formosa.

There was no immediate official comment on the American campaign controversy stirred up by the assertion of Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic standard-bearer, that Quemoy and Matsu should be excluded from the United States defense perimeter in the Far East because they are indefensible.

Press reports here quoted President Chiang Kai-shek as saying recently the islands should not be given up under any circumstances.

Will post more later on other noteworthy articles I found.

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