Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i remember

When my Dad and Step mom took us everywhere--my siblings were all so young--and so was I. My daughter and step brother were only 2 years apart--or maybe less. My other sister was there, but she was in the bathroom. My brother Sean was probably doing he usual hang out, which meant not with us. If it didn't involve airplanes or soul music, Sean could not be bothered. Wherever we went, we attracted attention. My Dad and step mom were one of the coolest interracial couples I'll probably ever know--accept for me and Gera or course! They built our family around us five + 1 grandchild.

This was a favorite time. Vacaville, California. Early 1990s. The Pumpkin Patch. It closed a few years before I moved back home. It was such a neat place to gather with family--kids! My Dad was a happy man--and so were we.

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Jessicambay said...

I remember that day! I so miss spending time with all of us together, and I especially miss Jennifer. This picture is great but it makes me homesick (in a sweet and melancholy way).