Saturday, November 15, 2008

favorite obama fam pics -- it's really really real

I have overheard so many different comments and even seen a little spittal fly since President Elect Obama won by a landslide. Texans do not hide their feelings (hate). And neither do young students. Me, approaching a vending machine for a Baby Ruth in a small cove at the college, three students sit in obvious disgust, one week later. The female: "It really scares me to death that he's going to be our next President." One of two males: "Well, he doesn't have that much power. He can't do anything without approval." The other of the two males: [quiet]. Other Texans walk around looking at you, but thinking something completely different, with an uncomfortable, sweaty grin! Others have faces so pinched, you'd need a bookmark to find their eyes, noses, or mouth. In Spanish, we call these people "cara de agria." Sour face. Also in Texas, gun purchase has skyrocketed because people are afraid that our new President will do away with the right carry a weapon. Yeah, here--you can do that!
One coworker at one of my two jobs just lately revealed she is jewish and she, for the first time in years, went to a service. She made it a funny point to tell me that her Rabi said: "Sarah Palin ain't nobody but a hillbilly who shops at Neiman Marcus"--and now every time she gets a chance, she reminds me that she's jewish and she doesn't like right winged people. I of course never respond--it's innate. She also celebrates President Obama's win in my presence, but does so quietly---yes, in whispers she praises his victory. It could be real, but Texan runs deep in me and I grew up knowing sometimes, you need to sleep with one eye open.

And yet, still, again: Congratulations to President Barak Obama and Family and I love you more because you are a combination of everybody!

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