Friday, October 31, 2008

what's on my dresser?

I have all kinds of stuff in the most personal, intimate space in our room, in our house: my dresser. I sort of have to praise this little area because it's the one space I have where Gera's things are dominant or taking over. Tools are in my kitchen on the floor, the dining room table is filled with papers: plans, sketches, books on wood, books on tiling bathrooms, books on spark plugs, wooden boxes of nails and screws, a compass, sometimes a whole, complete drill! I fuss; it's to no avail.

This little area, I protect from him and his innate ability to takeover rooms and desk space and a coffee table's beauty.

Most of this stuff was given to me by my great grandmother: The old pink vanity, the German clock (it still works--it rings out like a son.of.a.bitch!), the black minstrel face, the black ceramic mama and baby baby dolls in the back--they are so fragile and delicate--it's very weird, but they have real hair in their little heads and the baby one has real cloth diapers (they seem very Louisianian if that makes sense); a news clipping of my gr. gr. grandmother. I took the one of Jenn when she was only 2--I was trying to get her to do a M. Monroe pose. Lori gave me the little glass lady bugs--she brought them back from an Alaska trip with her sister and mom. My mother gave me the owl--he's pretty hypnotic, the clay elephant key chain. I have a thing for elephants--I have an entire collection. The ceramic colored one I bought at an antique store or garage sale; can't remember. The little yellow one was my grandma's. My step mother gave me the picture of my father's footprints in the Cayman sands during our vacation. The beautiful little girl in pink and green belonged to my grandmother, my mother gave that to me two years ago; she's an old fashioned lipstick holder and quite pretty! I bought the pregnant African woman at a UCDavis arts and crafts sale years ago. A kept a practice sketch from Gera--still life. And my favorite, the only perfume in the world I have ever worn: Nina Ricci's L'Air Du Temps.

Oh yeah and that upside down cup is what I pee in to test ovulation!

Dang, gotta stop here. It's Friday, students are needy!

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