Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sleeping beauty

I held Cierra again last night and fell in love again. I fed her while my sister took time to do other necessary things. Her eyes are so bright and watchful. I think she's going to be noisy. She looks around at everything, not focusing on anything, but seems to respond to sound and movement. She pooped and pooted several times--christening all. She cried a little when I tried to burp her, then silenced and stared at the lights as I rocked her, standing up. She fell asleep in my arms and even showed hints of snoring. Really she was breathing heavily--in a good sleep, smiling at sleep angels. I held her for a little over an hour before having to put her down in her baby bed. I kissed her little forehead and 'snuck' one on her right cheek. She's so soft and lovable and still frowns at nothing. Her little toes taste so sweet and are so perfect. Finally, Auntie had to leave. She didn't even budge when I lay her in her bed. I snapped this pic quickly with my cell phone.

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