Thursday, October 9, 2008

letter and a cartoon from an artist

************************************************************************ My dear grand father, the one who drew all those pictures of naked, robust women posted earlier on my blog--was a love. I found this archive over the weekend and couldn't help but post it. I swear he was one of the first to invent iced coffee--his favorite drink while he worked as a sign painter. And this was on his very first business stationery--the garage--then later, he actually leased a small space on Rosedale to create and sell his work. He was such a mystery. "Skeeter" by the way was his nickname for my daughter.

And once we left for the Golden State, he sent the cartoon:

Recent arrival sees Dallas for the first time. "I left California for this?" Our hero on Interstate 30 heading West. "There's Fort Worth... Thank God!" The punch--Fort Worth is a small city with subs/rural country and so very not as metro as Dallas--the !big! city. The big pic: Why would anyone want to leave California for Fort Worth?

Fort Worth--We are proud, but oh-so humble bumpkinvillians!


Shawna Yang Ryan said...

where did you find these?

jenn's mama said...

In 1 of 42 boxes I mailed from Davis to Texas.