Saturday, October 25, 2008

if this isn't a co-inky-dink, i don't know what is

The New York Times--Health--section is right on target. I know, I promised not to turn my blog into a let's share about infertility and fertility, but this was just too close to home.

I peruse the NYT often and yesterday, in between tutoring students, I had a chance to read a little. To my surprise, or not, there was this fantastic article on fibroids and the latest technology to rid them. I had read about each technique shortly after my doctor informed me how he would remove my fibroid. I think women are 'silent' about fibroids because many don't know they have them. I certainly didn't--and apparently my primary doc never detected these odd formations of trouble. Anyway, my procedure will be different than the one thoroughly discussed in the article: uterine artery embolization. My doc will go through my navel and remove the mass. I am happy to hear that recovery time is not so long. I'm so ready to make a baby!

Here is a link to the full article:

Baby Blocking

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