Tuesday, October 21, 2008

getting pregnant after 41

So I've been trying to get pregnant for quite sometime and have been unsuccessful. But, the experience of this kind of desire has lifted my spirits to a completely different level. The research and reading has taught me so much about infertility and fertility. When I had Jennifer 26 years ago, another pregnancy never crossed my mind; I was too busy raising her and working full-time and going to college. And I certainly did not have time to find the right guy. Really, I was never looking for the right guy. Life has changed as expected; Gera and I have been at our relationship for almost four years. It's so very on!

Most women at my age are reaching, going through, or have completed menopause. Luckily, I am not there yet; an ultrasound and other test results show I have still got lots and lots and lots of eggs. Good ones! Before we knew this, Gera was checked and, of course, he is more than fine: 37 years old and Mexican----NO PROBLEMS THERE!!

It's all strange. I remember a time when I didn't have to think about stuff like this (ahhh how youth flies, but aging is literally and figuratively beyond graceful). However.....even with my lots and lots and lots of good eggs, my doctor has warned me: "Time is not your friend." I am so flawed--as my 43rd birthday approaches, I become more and more optimistic about our attempt. I decided that if I only have 1.5 to 2 years left to make it happen, as he says, I might as well reach for the stars and I'm gonna. This is not a Jolie, Kidman, or sister, gaze. Gera and I decided a while ago that we wanted to have at least one more. He has one son--who is 16. Our relationship reached this level a long time ago. He's not overly interested in hearing about fibroids, uteruses (I know it's 'uteri', but uteruses sounds more me), or good eggs, but he has been an excellent partner from the very beginning. He just says, "I'm here. Let's do it."

In December, I will have out patient surgery to have a big'ol fibroid removed from inside my uterus---it's the reason we aren't conceiving. We will go from there and see what happens. We have had the 'other' discussion--if we can't--and we are so good on this too. Surprisingly, it's all very exciting!!

I promise not to turn my blog into a infertility/fertility blog, but I will post when Gera and I can expect to become parents--together, something I've never experienced. The pressure is on, and it's the good kind.

*Wish us blessings!*

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