Friday, September 5, 2008

projects completed

I mentioned a while ago Gera built a small deck last Fall for our reading tutor and her husband. Finally found the pics.

The funny thing about houses here in Texas, in subs, is they are gorgeous on the inside, but when you step into the backyards, its like walking into a good sized closet with an open view to the sky. Seems the focus on home building has placed an emphasis on families staying in and spending time inside as opposed to outdoors. There is no room to run around and even the dogs' legs tire of circles. Then I I envious of those who have vaulted ceilings that rise to enormous slants and angles, stainless steel refrigs, marble kitchen countertops, storm windows, ongoing hallways and wall space, bath tubs that drop down into the floor---a shower separate to the side....maybe a tad, but not that much. I have lots of backyard, enough that we built a second little house in the corner. Oh but this is not about me and my big crib envy.

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