Monday, September 15, 2008


Hurricane Ike came through and left its prints all over north and south east Texas. We were lucky enough to receive the rains and fresh winds with humidity. The folk down south were not as fortunate; they were near the eye if not under it and have massive damage. Others escaped with mere power outages, but then, the rains that followed once Ike passed over caused severe flooding.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are extremely dramatic and can be quite exciting--at least for us natives. But if you've never experienced this kind of natural havoc, it can be scary.

We were out in the middle of it on Saturday sitting in the van, talking and laughing, watching rain and winds, waiting to go into a restaurant for fried catfish, salads and beer. It is so amazing to see the sky turn from a light blue to gray to a dark grayish blue and when the rains are warm and the air is humid, you just want it to stay like that forever. It's difficult not to stare and wonder how it all happens, even though this type of weather system is so dangerous. It's captivating. In the past, I have seen the sky go green-black, dress colors of a strong tornado.

There is a little beauty that comes in the end; the sky becomes more specific in its canvass.

This was taken yesterday on the eve of nightfall. This is a view of Ike's very last trailing tails. These clouds appear so close, as if you could jump up and touch them.

Other effects: my hair puffed, my plants are green and healthier, the birds are thrilled about pools of water--accumulated, the air condition in the house is off (saving energy), my allergies are calm

We will see what happens next.

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