Monday, September 29, 2008

i wasn't playing

If you don't believe me when I say I fight in good faith with my hair, it's true. This weekend, I tried to make a nice bun-in-the-back, you know, show a little class and chic (ok, that term just dated me)--but nooooooooo, I could not get it to do anything but puff puff puff puff out and out and puff all the way the hell out! I am tempted to go back in time and pull out a straightening comb---yes, the metal kind--my mother gave me after cutting my dreads. Umm, yeah, she was trying to say in a straightforward way: "do something with your head!" So, maybe this weekend, I will fire up the stove, and hotcomb my hair---and I will not feel an once of shame regarding all that talk about "standards and stuff." I will put heat to this head. Just a little though. Just enough to get that nice Gweneth Paltrow bun-in-the-back---standard stuff out the window--I shall not be moved!!! Keeping it real with a little help.

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