Saturday, September 27, 2008


Rarely do I post on the weekends. Today, I am working in a very low income housing area (when I was younger, we referred to the housing as "The Projects." The library is actually located in the Cavile Housing Community--aka Cool Library. It's very tiny and full of children, lots and lots of children who all seem to want attention at the same time. This library is different from the others I have worked--I'm accustomed to translating Spanish between patrons and co-workers, but today, I'm in a different region. My temporary position ended Thursday, but I was fortunate enough to be called in for today's service. It's been very very interesting. I've never put myself into a volunteering/community service kind of environment---this has been a neat turn towards hopefully more days of being called in.

Engaged to wait and while most of the children have vanished--a 1:00 p.m. block party down the street with a jump house, free food, games, prizes and music, I created yet another Wordle. This is my friend's fault. She started it and now I can't get a way. Wordle sort of reveals one's mood; I think. It's very therapeutic and just downright fun.

I promise these are the last.....




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