Tuesday, August 19, 2008

follow up : things to do

Didn’t get to take Ruby for ice cream, but she did spend two weekends with us. We rented Bee Movie and Spiderwick—the former was absolutely a riot! we watched it 3 times! – we bought her fried shrimp and french fries instead. She was soooo happy and didn’t want to go home. It’s funny how adults lie to children to keep them from crying. Ruby has caught on to her grandparents (Gera’s brother and sister-in-law); they can’t trick her like they used to. She’s smart enough now to know when they are being manipulative. When we take her back home, she holds on to my hand and will not let it go. She tugs me to her room and wants to play; she slams her door, shutting everyone else out. She follows me to the bathroom and when her grandparents say “Okay, Ruby, Nae-Nae and Tio have to go,” she wails! This is the sad part about loving her. The physical pauses until we steal her again.

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