Monday, July 14, 2008

uneventful weekend

This weekend we got new carpet. Gera got the itch and so it went--out with the old--in with new. I, on the other hand, sat away from him as he worked magic. I did offer to help (I swept chips of wood from the base), but I was working on that dreaded to-do list. Only 9 things scratched off—so far. Too many more to go. Too many to-dos currently added (eek!).

I did manage to snap Mr. Odell from my living room window. Though there are many many cowboys in my rural neighborhood (we still have metal fences and wooden telephone poles, no curbs, no sidewalks, stretching distance between houses), many ranches, many horses trotting up and down the street every day: morning, noon and evening, Mr. Odell is the Notorious Cowboy. He’s the only one who dares to gallop with speed on the slick sleek street; he knows horses like nobody else. This day, he was tired and pretty much beat down by the sun. It probably didn’t help that he started drinking big cans of really cheap beer at about 10 a.m. He is one of the few drunken cowboys we like.

Gera tried to take a picture of me hanging out a few pieces of clothes, but I didn’t want to. He snapped anyway.

Then he tried to adopt a baby kitten and I said “absolutely not.” He pleaded a tad more and finally gave up. (Kitten released back into the neighborhood--still shows up from time to time because Gera fed it tuna from a can). I don't think he's supposed to do that. He did this to aggravate me. UG!

Then the livestock came over to feed on green grass. They aren’t very friendly. Glad the horns aren’t fully grown! One of them gave me his back side---with treats!! (eew!)

Hopefully next weekend, something eventful will happen. If not, I hope to have more to-dos scratched off the list. Ongoing…

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