Wednesday, May 21, 2008

why me?

Thanks google images.

One of my students came to her tutoring session on time. She's an A student. However, before we could get started, she said while fishing down in a bag, "Ok. This is really not--Ok--my son is doing a school project---have you heard of Flat Stanley?" I responded curiously and felt as if I was about to be punked, "No." She went on, "Ok. Flat Stanley was smashed between books because he loved to read." She continued rapidly, telling me a bit about Stanley. Then she pulled him out of her school bag and handed me a paper cutout of a white dude dressed in white collar attire--his tie was colored in blue crayon. Before I knew anything else, she had whipped out a camera and told me she needed to get a picture. Still curious and suspicious (I am a suspicious-of-all kinda woman), I said "A photo?" She said, "Yeah, it will just be your hands?" So there I sat holding a paper cutout of Flat Stanley looking down at an anthology book in front of me. She snapped the picture within what seemed like nanoseconds. She laughed a little, deep and throaty, and said, "Ok. Thanks sooo much! This will help my son a lot." I said, "Well you only got my hands right? Let me see." She hesitated because the photo included all of me---and Stanley, looking down at the book. I still wonder how it happened so quickly. She's an expert. In the end, the entire ordeal felt sly.

who the hell is Flat Stanley

Then, my colleague decided to create a "Renee Sim" to live in her neighborhood of Sims she created and has managed since 2004. Again, like wondering who the hell Flat Stanley is, I was also unaware of what Sims are. She brought in her labtop to show me. In the process of showing me, she decided to have a Renee Sim become a part of the neighborhood. Within minutes, a Sim character was created after me. What started out as a demonstration turned out to be a 'saved character'. This of course was after she said, "I don't have to save it." But she did. She found ethnic hair styled in a bun like mine, a GAP tan-colored skirt like mine, light brown eye color like mine, and even light caramel color skin like mine. I learned something new, but was seriously not thrilled about her new creation of a 'me'. She bought me a house costing $117,000, but started me off with only $200,000. Immediately, I was on a strict budget. She introduced me to new neighbors who immediately entered my new home and made themselves at home. She had me look for a job, one that pays a very high salary. But found me a job as a Mail Room Technician. The lopside to this story is that every day, during the quiet of my in-between- semester-change (my 'engaged to wait' time at work), I hear about Renee and what Renee is doing in the neighbor of Sims. Fortunately, respectfully, thanks to Jesus, we have individual tutoring offices with tutoring office doors.

what the hell are Sims

Why me?

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