Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it's a girl and her name is cierra

I am now an Aunt! Well, Cierra is still in the making, but she's got a fine headstart. Lea is now past 20 weeks and doing beautifully well. This pic taken on April 29 shows her baby bump. We were waiting for the doc and decided to snap some shots before he came in the room.

Cierra doesn't like too much pressure on my sister's belly so when the nurse performed a sonogram, she moved and even seemed to have fussed a little. Already, she's taking after me: Don't disrupt my space, my quiet, my time!

So far, she weighs a tiny bit over 9 ounces. My sister asked the nurse, "Are you sure it's a girl?" And the nurse replied "Yes, there's a hamburger, not a turtle."

Cierra is going to be a beauty. She already has the beginnings of a college fund which is just weird, but very necessary. I'm going to be in so much trouble for kissing her and kissing her all the time. Yummy!

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