Tuesday, March 4, 2008

it's a .... we don't know yet ... but it's her first !

I can sometimes be a very very selfish person. No really. When people try to dominate my time without pause, I can be so selfish. When Gera orders only one box of french fries and eats more than his share, I can be selfish. My oldest and more recent act of selfishness is putting pressure on my sister (really both of them) to give me a niece or nephew. One keeps telling me "not yet." I've been everything but an Aunt and I'm more than ready. The other, older of my two sisters, being the retentive type that she is always laughed it off and said "in time." She's one of those high strung career oriented types. Last year, the clock started to tick loudly as she turned a flawless, beautiful 39 years old (she looks about 9 years younger if not younger) and finally started to try. Her recent success is one I am selfishly celebrating over and over, every morning I wake up and am counting down the time. She's almost a couple of months and I am so thrilled that I am popping off the walls every second.

Meet my first little niece or nephew. My heart is so stolen!!

It's difficult to tell where he/she is but it's the little peanut form in the middle.
Hmmm, my sister is probably going to kill me given I have just posted her womb on to my blog!

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