Tuesday, February 12, 2008

nev'a too old

My Auntie's husband died a long time ago--1989, right after I moved to California. I loved him dearly. They were married for 39 years. They argued and threatened each other to split up all the time. When my Uncle would leave to go out at night, my Auntie would put on a tight, red dress and go meet Mr. Sunny. But she told me she was sure to return before "yo Uncle got home." If not, whew! But their relationship amazed me because they made it last til his end. And even today, at 80 years old, my Auntie swears by her abstinence. She says, "Girl, if I put my legs up in the air, cocked and up like dat, I might nev'a be able to get'em down! You got me now?"

But Valentine's Day is near and my Auntie called me yesterday while I was at work and told me that a man, Mr. Woods, pulled up in front of her house and knocked. She went to the door and saw him holding an armful of flowers and two, not one, but two heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. She said, "Wasn't that the sweetest thang? I be goddamn. Bless his heart!"

I guess in Valentine-ing there's an oasis of possibilities...

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