Friday, December 7, 2007

dear&jenn--happy holidays

Yeah, my daughter was so spoiled. She sits again in the cozy lap of my great grandmother. They (the grands and my auntie)always dressed her like...Holly or in this case like peppermint. And what baby needs red tights before turning one year old? I wish her pigtails were showing--they too were appropriately decorated.

The blue theme was all my aunt's doing, from years past. The house still looks exactly like that now. It's difficult to picture her personality and the decor in her house--so different. Everything is blue and there are ducks every where.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be off for an extended holiday vacation, one of the greatest perks in teaching at a college. I won't post until after the holidays so have a great one, lots and lots of drinks, good food, laughter, warmth and family fun. I will enjoy our sassy weather here in Tejas as we will go from 80s to 50s in a day--yeah, Texas is like that. Seasons just aren't distinguishable. Thanksgiving was the same: we went from beautiful upper seventies to 40s and sleet; it didn't stick.

In any event, Cheers!

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Spring said...

Have a great vacation, I'll miss your posts. I will look forward to hearing of all your deeds and misdeeds while you're off (being bad is good sometimes) Cheers!